Soil reinforcement is the main field of activity of the Reinforced Earth Companies, combining both the geotechnical and structural engineering disciplines. The technique is based on the formation of a composite material through the association of compacted frictional fill and linear soil reinforcement. The soil reinforcement may be either metallic (like the high adherence galvanised steel strips) or synthetic (like the high tenacity polyester-based GeoStrap® strips). Reinforced Earth provides:
The resistance and stability of the composite structure provides significant load-bearing capacity.
The ease and speed of construction are significant advantages in reducing overall cost.
The durability of the materials used is well documented and the safety of the structures unrivalled.
The technology provides solutions to complex cases and often proves to be the best answer to circumstances such as restricted right-of-way, unstable natural slopes, marginal foundation conditions and large settlements.
The variety of facings can meet all architectural requirements.