Invented and developed by the Group, the TechSpan® arch system also involves the interaction between the structure and the surrounding fill. TechSpan® is used for the construction of cut-and-cover buried tunnels, for roadway, railway, industrial and hydraulic applications.
The TechSpan® system is based on assembling short half sections of arch. The prefabricated reinforced concrete units are set on strip footings at the toe of structure, and lean against each other at the crown.
The curvature of the arch is optimised for every project based on site constraints, application, and design requirements. Structures with spans exceeding 20 meters or with heights of surcharge backfill in excess of 30 metres have been successfully constructed and put in service.
For soil reinforcement, as well as for prefabricated arches, the Reinforced Earth Companies are involved in all stages of each project, including:
Supply of prefabricated units, reinforcement, and accessories;
On site technical assistance during installation.
All supplied materials are manufactured in plants either operated by, or carefully selected by the local Reinforced Earth Company. The Reinforced Earth Company in your region may offer other prefabricated products and construction systems.