The Reinforced Earth® technique is widely used in highway and municipal projects. Most applications are for the construction of retaining walls and bridge abutments that support roadways in both urban and suburban environments, and in rural mountainous terrain.
The completion of Reinforced Earth® projects requires only a short construction time and minimum right-of-way, so the disruption to traffic is considerably reduced.
The versatility of the technology allows for a wide variety of geometry. Prefabricated units in various attractive finishes can be used for the facing.
The main uses of the technology include:
Walls to support roadways, either single, or tiered;
Bridge abutments;
Curtain walls around pile supported abutments;
Walls for access ramps;
Reinforced slopes.
TechSpan® arches are used for:
Road underpasses or overpasses;
Cut-and-cover tunnels;
River crossings.
Such structures are often completed with Reinforced Earth® head-walls and wing-walls.