The Reinforced Earth® technique is well suited for use in industrial applications. Specific solutions have been developed for the bulk handling of coal and other minerals, as well as for dump-walls adjacent to crushers, or screening plants. Today, several hundred dump-walls are in service throughout the world, and many of them rank among the highest Reinforced Earth® structures.
Industrial and mining applications have unique features, such as:
Versatility of the facing technique. Concrete panels, steel sections or wire mesh can be used to conform to the required geometry (face inclination, straight or curved alignment);
Resistance to vibrations (crushing and screening);
Outstanding resistance to thermal variations.
Reinforced Earth® is also an ideal material for the construction of industrial protective works. Many such structures have withstood impact, explosion, liquid gas and other fluid spills, and fire.
TechSpan® arches prove to be a reliable, speedy and economical solution for the construction of shelters and ammunition bunkers, as well as for conveyor tunnels at industrial plants.