Applications along rivers, lakes and coastal areas are common for Reinforced Earth® techniques. Several reasons justify the owners' choice:
Resistance to severe loading conditions such as flooding and drawdown, tidal fluctuations, storms, ice and other impacts;
Rapid construction, especially for the works carried out in the tidal range, by virtue of simultaneous placement of fill, reinforcement and facing.
Underwater construction of Reinforced Earth® quay-walls is achieved with a uniquely modified system. This method was successfully used in several countries, for marinas and fishing ports. The GeoMega® system is particularly well suited to salty and marine environments.
A significant part of the TechSpan® references belongs to their use in hydraulic applications. The adaptability of the arch shape allows optimisation of the section while respecting the anticipated water flow. This optimisation and the inherent savings of using prefabricated units, combined with the ability to construct without diverting the stream, makes TechSpan® a solution of choice for such applications.